Reaching for Enlightenment (a poem for Rama)

I wrote this for Rama, and after his death in 1998, I posted it on where students were finding each other. Lynne found my poem and then me, and we discovered we were neighbors. We quickly became friends, and from that friendship, Dharma Center was born.


The ethereal being
In the ocean of your eyes
Drowns me in the sunshine of love,
Yet it is not the form
That I love,
But the essence.

I reach out to touch you,
But you slip between my fingers
Like a ripple on a pond,
Cascading over me,
Softly, gently –
Whispering through me
Like a cool summer’s breeze.

In the silence of my mind
You shatter the darkness,
Fierce and brilliant
Like sunrise in the desert,
Glowing gold and red
Across a silent indigo night.

I see you as I walk alone
In the blooming of a rose
And in the delicate drop of dew
That lies in rest upon its velvet petals.

I feel you as the sunshine
Pouring down from the heavens,
And I sit with open hands
Beneath the blazing flame –
But the endless rays cannot be contained
By the limits of my form.

In the evening sky,
I watch you as a shooting star,
And passion propels me
Like a river rushing to the sea
To unite with the light of that star,
As it burns its form
To reveal the essence
That I love.


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  1. Jaany

    This is really beautiful!

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