Opposition is Opportunity

When we meet Opposition on our path, we have reached a Decision Point. Opposition is an opportunity to ask:

~Do I have doubts about what I’m doing right now? Are my doubts valid?
With the issue of doubt resolved, we move forward through opposition with renewed conviction and excitement.

~Am I approaching this project correctly?
Opposition can be an indicator that we have missed something. Perhaps there is a typo of the resume we’re having trouble sending. We may hit traffic when we need an attitude adjustment before we reach our destination.

~Is there a better opportunity for me than the one on this road?
When we are so focused on traveling on the path in front of us, opposition can help us see what other doors are open to us.

By recognizing opposition as an opportunity, the roadblocks that once frustrated us can serve us. These bumps in the road can remind us to not only watch where we going, but also make sure we’re heading where we really want to go.

~Jenna Sundell