Spring Equinox 2012

A million diamonds sparkled the sky
Steady air streams pushed us into the wash
We sat, on solid earth next to creaking brush
And unseen things creeping by, curious
     of our little group of pilgrims

We sat, some eyes open, others closed
The gale intensified, holding our backs up straight
Desert power peeled away layers of the world
Sand swirling round and
Suddenly dropping to the cold, yielding ground

We sat, absorbed in silence; we chose to hold
The wind did its work, polishing rough edges
Dissolving ego and rock and tree
Peace permeated every cell and
Spread like Spring’s sweet scent
With a smile, we rose
Meditation cushions packed away
We marched into the howling tempest
And watched stars disappear into cloud-covered night

We sat, in morning light, the mountain ridge filled with white
Sun and rain fell from the sky
Nature’s prism splitting colors, stretching from snow to desert floor –
A final gift for all who came to see more

                                                      ~jenna sundell 3/24/2012

6 thoughts on “Spring Equinox 2012

  1. Ros


    That is beautiful. I re-lived the experience of that morning with the snow and our special rainbow. So glad you captured it on film and in verse.


  2. Anon

    And when my presence was known to it, the prism ran away!

  3. Mom

    Loved the feeling this poem brought.

  4. Hui

    What a Beautiful poem! This was everything I experienced and more from our desert visit. Thank you Jenna for leading the pilgrimage so that all were able to share in the Light, happiness, and joy of meditation. It has changed not only my life, but my inner soul and for that I am forever grateful! Blessings to all who embark on this journey, may the wind carry and mold you to where you be.

  5. Michael

    What a beautiful poem Jenna which definately defined a lot of my experience in the desert. Oh and the icing on the cake, our beautiful morning gift, the rainbow!

  6. AC

    Magical! It makes me remember the fireflies of red embers streaming ahead into the night, lighting up the wind, and Orion steadily keeping guard over us. Thank you for this, and for the desert trip!

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