We swam to the heart
of the Goddess, Mother of All
In the Cathedral
of Love bathed in golden twilight
We watched the world melt


We walked along arteries and veins
Red Giants towering above
Powder soft sand of the Garden
We dissolved in the Landscape and
Found stillness in the movement of wind


Ravens guided our journey
Into mysteries of Renewal
Old perceptions fell away
like flowers done blooming
We sat sheltered from the sun by Her arm
As a view through Skyline
Infused us with quiet power

Beneath the midnight sky
Washed with the full moon’s light
She welcomed us in the temple of her Eye
Where we sat as pupil
Looking through ten thousand dimensions of Light

Turret became a door into another world
Hidden by a vertical lake – perfectly still
Mirror-like it shone silver reflecting back
This unreal dream

As the sun reached its zenith
We climbed stair and hill and rock
Pulling ourselves up by our fingers
We emerged from Her womb

(We in Her and She in us)


~jenna sundell

2 thoughts on “Reborn

  1. I am so very pleased. I so glad you are FLYING again Isis, it has been too long! That picture is surreal!

    Byron Metcalf – Raven Medicine Enjoy the medicine.. LOVE JOSEPH

  2. Spectacle

    Full of light!

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