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Yesterday I watched a fun old movie called “Made in Heaven” that made me smile. The message throughout the movie was about the simplicity of creating the life you want. It’s also a sweet love story.

In heaven, we’re shown that it’s easy to create there, and no one can imagine anything bad – because it’s heaven after all! All we need to do is Focus, Imagine, and then Do whatever it is we want to experience.

We’re also told that anything created in heaven eventually makes it way to Earth. On Earth the rules are the same; however because we’re no longer in heaven we forget how easy it is.

On Earth, we become filled with doubt because we’re living in everyone else’s creation, some of which are no so good or happy. We get sidelined into other people’s ideas of how life is. We forget we have the power to create. We buy into the idea that we have to live with how it is.

To break out of this trap, it takes some effort. We have to remember how to create.

First there is FOCUS. We have to be able to hold our attention, rather than being distracted by every little thing floating by in front of us.

Second, we IMAGINE. We have to know what it is we want to create. We don’t need to know every single detail, and we certainly won’t know how it will turn out – if we did, what would be the fun in that? However, we need to be able to see a clear image of what we want to create, whether it be a place, an activity, an experience, an object, or whatever.

Finally, we must DO. Living just in the imagination is not enough. We have to take that final leap of faith and begin acting on what it is we want to create, with the knowledge our creation will be supported.

Many of us get stuck in the imagination stage. Either we don’t have enough focus to finish our visualization, or we are afraid to take the leap into action. If you don’t have the life you want, look at each of these areas. Once you know what’s missing, you can work on it.

Focus can be developed through a variety of exercises. Anything that requires deep concentration will build your ability to focus. Of course, meditation is my favorite. But really, you can take any activity and turn it into a concentration exercise by playing a simple game of “how long can you focus exclusively on what you are actually doing?”

In rare cases, imagination may be your weak point. If it is, play more. Turn off the tv and facebook and twitter, break out some paper and crayons, or a set of blocks, or whatever toys you have or can make, and play. Imagination is innate; all you have to do is let it out to play.

The last step, actually doing something, can be a frightening prospect. It’s really a matter of trusting yourself. Use your common sense, and take small steps. By putting yourself into action to bring what you have imagined into being, you unlock a tremendous amount of energy and power.

If you want to build the tallest building in the world, you don’t just run outside and start nailing boards together. First you focus, then imagine, and then you do what it takes to accomplish it starting at the beginning. If you know nothing about architecture, then you start by studying and figuring out what you need to know to build tall buildings. Instead of letting yourself be shut down by what you don’t know how to do, learn.

We can sabotage ourselves by telling ourselves a particular building block in the process is not fun or too hard. Instead see these challenges for what they are: an opportunity to pull up power and stretch ourselves into what we need to become in order to have the experience we want to create.

Every day you put a little time into your dream, and suddenly, it becomes reality.


3 thoughts on “Focus Imagine Do

  1. Brian

    Magic is real! Creation is magic. Love is magic. Transformation is magic. Focus Imagine Do!

    Let’s create more positive things in this world. Namaste!

    • Jenna Sundell

      Yes! Let’s make heaven right here, right now! 😀

  2. Well stated!
    Funny how the universe generates inspiration in themes aligning with other sisters and brothers within our family.

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