It cracks me up when I see posts or commercials telling us to “Unite Against Big Bad Thing.” The notion is quite right, that whatever the Big Bad Thing is, it needs to be held in check and transmuted by love. However, the terminology is a little off, and that’s what makes me laugh.

Unity is Oneness, and being Oneness means there is no other to be against. So maybe now you see the humor?

Of all the possibilities to strive for, Unity is the best. When we point ourselves towards Unity, we are heading Home. There is not a singular place that is home; rather it is a state of being, a state of Oneness. It is where we are fully free.

When we struggle to maintain our sense of fixed identity, we separate ourselves from each other. This stance can lead only to misery and destruction. Through our attachment to our ideas about who we think we are, anger and fear is bred as we feel threatened by everything that suggests we are not who we think we are. We seek to destroy anything that challenges the concepts to which we have become attached, and in doing so we destroy ourselves. There is no way around this dilemma because the Truth is, we are intrinsically One.

Unity is a frightening idea for the ego, simply because Unity is the ego’s annihilation. When we dissolve into Unity, into Enlightenment, we, in the sense that we think of ourselves as a separate individual, disappears. This world of duality melts, and along with it the illusion we have that we are real. What is left cannot be contained by words.

However, as long as we have a body and Eternity has a use for that body, we will return to the world of duality. We leave the ultimate state of Unity without really leaving it. A sliver of ego appears and allows us to interact with the world. Without this sliver, there would be no way to communicate. The thin layer of ego that remains is unique and pliable, and able to shift to fit the needs of any situation without attachment. The exact expression of Unity through that tiny slice of ego will always be a one of a kind variation of all the possibilities of existence. What remains the same in all is beneath the ego, behind the eyes; there is only joy and the deepest peace.

We have the option of Unity every moment of every day. The choice we make between Enlightenment and the world of duality is not one big grand gesture. It is a choice we make little by little, through our everyday thoughts, words, and actions.

Drop by drop, the ocean tide goes from high to low and low to high.
Drop by drop, we move towards separativity or Unity.

As we experience this world, we have control over the focus of our mind. We can point that focus towards the thoughts and things that lead us to a sense of separation and isolation, where it is us against the Big Bad Thing. Or, we can point that focus towards light, towards the thoughts and things that lead us to a sense of Unity and Oneness.

Through every action, every word we speak, and every thought we allow ourselves to hold onto, we tune the focus of our mind. It is in the ordinary moments we choose duality or Oneness. As we choose over and over, we create patterns that define the world in which we live and cause us to gravitate towards isolation or Unity.

The great news is, no matter which way you are turned, you can always focus your mind and allow the ocean to change the tide, drop by drop.

4 thoughts on “Unity

  1. terre mays

    So The big bad thing is the ego…or my concepts of myself:)…which I hope is changing too..lol
    Good one Isis…I like it:)

  2. Brian

    Unite against bad?
    Let’s merge as one and transcend
    Drop by drop we join

  3. Michael

    Beautifully said, I couldn’t agree more.

  4. Michael H

    Hmm, interesting, since reading this the first time this morning and then going to your Dharma talk, I have been thinking about everything and everyone being united. After passing my first person walking on the streets this afternoon to the drunk who stopped to talk my ear off at 11pm tonight, I have been remembering to smile at them and remember we are all one!

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