Freedom of Choicelessness


I was raised in America,
Believing Freedom meant the power to choose.
Today I saw the bondage
Inherent in the constant choosing.

This or That
Up or Down
Good or Bad
Happy or Sad
The Ego always choosing its preferences,
Thinking one choice is better than another.

With every choice, another layer of self is created,
Each with layers of identity:
The one who made the choice, and
The one who lives with the consequences of the choice.

One choice endlessly leading to another choice,
Creating layer upon layer of self
Is choosing not to choose a choice?

Simply being
Allowing life to unfold
According to Eternity’s design.

Pulled by the brightest Light, wherever it may lead, and
Letting go of the constant need to choose
Takes away the game from the ego.
Realizing fully the light inherent everywhere
Realizing there really is no choice
There is only the play of light.

Relinquishing the illusion of control provided by choice,
Power uses us to reveal the direction
And we use power to follow through.
In the end the only reality is eternal Light,
Shining, whether or not we choose to see.


~jenna sundell


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1 thought on “Freedom of Choicelessness

  1. Brian

    Thank you for showing how to let go of ego and let Light… be Light!

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