At the Edge

The eternal light of awareness is seen or felt by the spiritual eye at the edges of Form. Gaze softly with silent mind at the edge of a leaf or mountain ridge, and you will see the glow or feel peace radiating from it. In that moment, we recognize our True Self.

With Awakening comes awareness of inner perfection. The external world of form – body and environment – continues the play of light and shadow. Since there is no identification with the play, there is no obsessive need to change it; there is just the play of pain and pleasure, and there is no suffering.

One of the games we play is the refinement of the edges of our form, so the light which we really are and is always present can shine without distortion. We watch the tree shed its leaves to make room for new growth and fuller branches with the next season. Rain pours over the mountain, smoothing its surface. Refinement continues forever, further clarifying the vessel through which Enlightenment shines as form.


Practice now, and share what you see in the comments…


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