Service is Joy

There’s a secret I would like to share with you. It’s not a “shhh… don’t tell” kind of secret. I only call it a secret because you’ll need to be able to see from a certain vantage point to understand it. So if you don’t get what I’m talking about, then it’s fine to ignore me and just take from this post whatever you can. So here goes:

Life has no purpose. Life is just life, unfolding and collapsing, exploding and imploding, breathing in and out, in all its mystery and glory.

Many of us spend countless hours seeking the point of existence. We explore all types of options and try on all types of labels and experiences. Some leaders say the point is to love. Others say it is to give. Still others say the point is to get rich, while others say it is to be happy. A few say the point is to discover Truth.

What I have found to be true is you can never find “THE” point of life. However you can find “YOUR” point.

Now before you get all maudlin and start moaning, “What’s the use?  Why should I even get out of bed?” let me say that in another way: We have the blessed gift to find our own personal purpose of life. And the even better news: we can change our mind!

There was a time when I believed the purpose of life was to be happy. I did everything I could to discover how to accomplish this. The happiness derived from pleasure was not enough; it was too fragile. Living with chronic pain also put quite a damper on that option as well.

I worked my spiritual path and finally discovered Bliss. I learned to exist in true happiness beyond the senses – a completely unreasonable joy.

It was great! But then I noticed that no matter what I did, I could not make other people see it. I lived on this wonderfully beautiful cloud, untouched by sorrow. There was no sorrow, yet I suffered. Every time I interacted with someone, I felt their pain and sorrow. I learn that my point of life was not enough. Bliss was not enough.

Over time, I began to notice when I gave of my Self – whether it was time or money or just a smile – the joy I felt spread to others. Often it was in very small ways, yet I could see it in their being. Something shifted within them and within me, revealing a deep sense of connection, to not just each other but to Life itself.

There were times when I felt tired and drained, but if an opportunity arose, I could not help myself and I had to act in service. It was not an obsessive take advantage of me feeling; rather it was a deep pull that answered a calling from someone in need. Something in me latched onto this new purpose, this new point of life. There was not an intentional decision that I made; it just happened through me naturally.

Today my personal point of life is service, because service is joy. And it brings freedom from having to live on a cloud.

This doesn’t mean that it is YOUR point of life. As I said, your purpose is a wonderful gift for you to unwrap.


So now I’m curious…What is your life purpose? There are no right or wrong answers. Please share your views with me and others who read this blog in the comments.



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