Spiritual Shopping

When we become interested in something more than the physical world, a wonderful bridge-19513curiosity opens within us. Whatever path or teacher we happen to meet first reveals an entirely new world to us. We can easily be swept away by the excitement.

Sometimes the very first spiritual path or teacher we find is the best fit. Other times it’s not. Once in a while, the path is good for us, but the teacher is not.

Self-discovery is an amazing process, packed with the potential for growth beyond anything we can imagine. The exploration of Awareness is open to anyone; however there is not a set formula one can follow. The good news is, there are many options, and with a bit of common sense you can find your best fit. In other words, use that natural curiosity and go spiritual shopping.

Allow yourself to explore the paths and teachers available to you. The shopping excursions are a chance to learn how to trust yourself. If something feels wrong to you, perhaps that is not the best teacher for you at this time. A compatible teacher will challenge your perceptions and help you discover a deeper, more joyful and peaceful view of your Self.

There are a few very charismatic and inspiring teachers out there who will tell you they are the only true teacher and if you leave you can never come back. To me, these teachers reek of insecurity and manipulation. If you meet one of these, use your common sense and trust yourself.

Know that Life is the real Teacher. As you extricate yourself, you will learn about your fears and doubts, and will grow in strength.

Then, get back out there and search until you find your path and the teacher who helps you develop your best qualities. As you do your spiritual shopping, always remember we are never separate from God. It is only when we stop trying that we think we are.