Perfection in an Imperfect World

Life is beautiful. It is a dance of Perfection: An endless play of intelligent Light, appearing and disappearing in every possible formation – yet Light is never affected by any of this.

Most people cannot see this; it is beyond the scope of their experience.

Watching this world is like watching a person holding their breath because they truly believe they cannot breathe. As they hold their breath, they experience all the suffering that comes with suffocation: The lungs burn, the muscles ache, the head hurts, and the mind races with anger and sorrow and self-pity. Finally, they pass out, and the body breathes.

They wake up, for a split-second, but then their sense of individuality returns. Their belief of not being able to breathe takes over, and karma carries them through the experience all over again.

We who are awake cannot make someone breathe. We can show them they are not in control of the breath, but they don’t believe it. And even if they do believe it, belief is not enough; it must be experienced. So we play games; we teach them how to control the breath.

We say: “For just one moment, take a breath in and release it.” Trusting students will do this, and thus begins the spiritual journey.

Over time, the student becomes adept at telling the mind and body when to inhale and when to exhale. We laugh at their “achievement” because we know no one controls the breath. Some students become frustrated at our humor and fall back into holding their breath until they pass out. Others keep going, playing more and more games of self-discovery, full of confusion yet willing to trust.

Even with all of this breath-holding going on, life is perfection. Let’s switch metaphors for a moment. Think of existence as an ocean, and awareness is restricted to a small area on the top of the ocean. On the surface of the ocean these waves of restricted awareness waves-water_640tumble about, and some parts of the ocean are cold enough where the water freezes. When the surface is turbulent, the waves and chunks of ice smash into one another. This is life for most people. A few are so moved by all of this pain they dive below the surface, where they discover they are much more than they ever imagined.

Even if in our wave formation, we find our way to the warm Caribbean Sea where the water is calm and we gently rock back and forth, we suffer. This restricted awareness knows there is more. We feel restless, a sense that our skin is too tight, or that there is something missing. This spiritual suffering motivates us to seek beyond our self.

All of the perceived imperfections reveal the restrictions upon awareness. Life, in its own perfect way, teaches us we are more than this.

We let go of controlling the breath, we let go of the wave formation, and we become the breathing, we become the ocean. As awareness expands, we explore endless experiences, each an example of perfection.  We dissolve in a timeless time as the play of Light, forever dancing.



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