Jenna Sundell (known to her students as Turīya) teaches Practical American Buddhism, a practice consisting of meditation, applied mindfulness, an excellent sense of humor, and respect for all who seek Truth. On this path, form follows function, in the practical sense of using the techniques that work in our modern world. Like all things American, this is melting pot Buddhism. Wisdom and techniques from traditions such as Vajrayana, Zen, Bhakti Yoga, and Mysticism are used based on the needs of individual students.

She began offering meditation classes in 1994 after receiving a teaching empowerment as a Buddhist monk, and in 1998 she co-founded Dharma Center in San Diego, CA. In addition to her weekly classes, Jenna offers Mindfulness at Work seminars for companies interested in developing the productivity of their employees, and is often asked to teach workshops throughout the country. She also runs the Uncommonly Fine Life program, a private study group for highly motivated individuals.

Jenna Sundell is the author of Worlds of Power, Worlds of Light and Peace with Pain: Your Guide to Life in a Malfunctioning Body. She is passionate about sharing meditation and mindfulness with those who are ready to build happy and productive lives.

For her teaching schedule, please visit www.DharmaCenter.com.

More of her writing can be found on www.Facebook.com/JennaSundellAuthor and on www.Twitter.com/jennasundell, where she posts bits of inspiration. You can also follow her other blog on the Huffington Post.

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