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Jan 03 2017

New Year’s Tantric Dance

Hot and cold. Tired and Awake. Weak and Strong. Past, present, future and the Eternal Moment. This is the reconciliation of opposites. I am a rainbow of infinite awareness stretching out in and as all the worlds. I am the mind focusing on and experiencing God and soul. I am you. I am me. I …

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Dec 09 2016

20 Second Meditation Technique

When I visited my family over Thanksgiving, my 12-year old niece wanted to learn how to meditate. The morning before our little class, she was having a rough day. Although she was feeling grumpy, she still was excited to learn. I shared with her this very simple 3 breath meditation technique. Her face lit up …

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Nov 09 2016

Peace Within

Abandon ill-will and hate Abandon envy and greed Abandon anger and sorrow Abandon ignorance and delusion Abandon all these like a sinking ship For that’s what they are Bloated with self-importance They will drag you down to the depths of suffering. Cultivate Gratitude and Loving-Kindness Be neither attracted nor repulsed And rest in equanimity Develop …

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Oct 28 2016

Drug Holiday and Opioid Awareness

Recently I went on a drug holiday. Because of the wonders of smart phones, it gave me time to read more articles, posts, and comments on Facebook than usual. In that odd close-knit virtual world, I discovered countless people with legitimate pain issues being treated with suspicion and asked to perform unreasonable steps in order …

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Sep 19 2016

Meeting the Master – An Excerpt from Worlds of Power, Worlds of Light

On Friday night, I discovered the Mark Hopkins is one of San Francisco’s most glorious hotels. It sits on top of Nob Hill, rising above the city lights like a castle. The 19th century architecture, with the intricate carvings on the archways, appeared like an entrance to a fairy tale land. The grand doorway towered …

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Sep 07 2016

White Crane

A few nights ago, I woke from a dream, which played out before me like a movie: A white crane fluttered around a city street. Nearby, deeply concerned people were looking for the crane. The bird had once been human, and the people desperately wanted to break the spell before the crane forgot about life …

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Sep 02 2016

Four Buddhist Truths Learned from Chronic Pain

1. Everything is Transient During my last pain flare, for over a week I lived with the feeling of two nails shoved in my eyes, causing an intense headache. It would be easy to say the pain was constant since it bothered me enough to interrupt my activity several times a day. However, if I …

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Aug 18 2016

Magic on Maui & Kauai

Between adventuring and resting, there was not much time to write while on retreat in Hawaii. On the plane ride home, I wrote until my hand could write no more as I tried to capture all the magical moments of this retreat. Traveling with a chronic illness is never easy. However by respecting the body’s …

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Jul 08 2016

Mammograms, Ropes, and Snakes

When your entire body hurts all the time, and the breast soreness becomes intense with each hormonal cycle, it’s natural to avoid things that increase pain. So I put off my mammogram for what I thought was 2 years, but turned out to be 3. The day after the test, I happened to have a …

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Jun 29 2016

What Are You?

Wind, Earth, Water of the rivers and sea Fire of the sun and stars All contained within Me. Spirit animating Life yearning to be free The stillness of Death All contained within Me. Infinite space, Nothingness, Limitless Consciousness Emptiness is key The perfection beyond feeling and perception All contained within Me. Awareness reaching into darkest …

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