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Peace with Pain

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In a body that HURTS

In a body thats EXHAUSTED

There is JOY


There is PEACE



Your Guide to Life in a Malfunctioning Body

Can you be happy and at peace when your body is screaming in pain? YES! There may not be a cure for your physical condition, but there is a way out of the anguish and misery. With the tools in Peace with Pain, you’ll discover how to create a joyful and productive life despite the malfunctions of the body. This simple path of focused meditation, mindfulness, and pacing can be followed by anyone who is suffering. Meditation is the foundation of the practice; mindfulness allows you to gain control of your time and life; and pacing all of life’s activities keeps you moving forward on the path to peace. Rather than propose a cure for pain and illness, Peace with Pain opens a doorway into the beauty and ecstasy found only in full awareness of the present moment. This book for people with chronic pain is about living with and using your body efficiently as it is, right now.

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Here’s what others are saying about Peace with Pain:

“It’s unlike any other book on Fibromyalgia and pain I’ve seen. It goes into great depth and offers a lot of useful information and detail for people with chronic pain.”
                  – Dr. Stacey Schulman (Rheumatologist, Scripps Clinic)

“This book is filled with great information. I have a list of patients I want to share it with.”
            -Ann Carson, PhD., N.P. (Psychologist & Pain Management Expert)

“Healing from chronic illness requires healing in all planes of the human experience – the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual levels of existence. Peace with Pain guides us to a path of healing through the practice of self-discovery. Jenna shares her story, and through it, shows us how to begin a process of “taking action.” She demonstrates the need to look to ourselves, and not just outwards to others for a cure. She teaches acceptance and a level of surrendering, but not to give up. She teaches how to navigate the modern world of medicine and doctor-patient relationships, and yet how to maintain a relationship with our own health. This simple, practical guide provides depth, detail and a moving story that speaks to those who are suffering. Through her own true health, Jenna shows us how to begin the discovery of finding Peace with Pain”
              -Christine A. Mitchell, DO, NMMOMM, FP

“I really enjoyed your book. I found it very interesting. I read it sitting at a park at the New Bedford waterfront. I didn’t want anything to distract me. I found the section on focusing on an object, to clear your mind of unpleasant or worrisome things, to be the most helpful for me. I especially find it great to fall asleep at night. I was not sleeping very much due to pain and stressful thoughts. I now have trained myself to focus on something and every time I get away from that thought, I force myself back to it. I do hope other people try it.”
           ~Lora Farley, chronic pain patient



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  1. Jeremy

    The path to peace invites us to befriend all of our experience – the pain and our reactions to it.  We welcome them in with curiosity, to see what they re actually like.  Resisting pain leaves our actual experiences unexamined.  We re caught up in our stories and emotions about the pain, which distract us from knowing them directly.

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