Worlds of Power, Worlds of Light

Worlds of Power, Worlds of Light
by Jenna SundellWorlds_of_Power,_Wor_Cover_for_Kindle

Feel like there must be more to life?
You’re right. There IS more!
Discover it for yourself in
Worlds of Power, Worlds of Light.

The ultimate adventure awaits you in these pages. Go on a magical journey and learn the mysteries of meditation as you join me as a young woman in the search for the spiritual path.

This book has inspired people from all walks of life to discover their spiritual path and the 15th Anniversary edition of is now available for purchase as paperback or Kindle on

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Here’s what others are saying about Worlds of Power, Worlds of Light 

“Jenna’s book is such a gift!  This was the first book I read that really allowed me to feel what Rama was like as a teacher in the body.  I recommend Worlds of Power, Worlds of Light to my meditation students, especially if they’re interested in learning more about Rama.”
~Natalie Dane

“This book takes you into higher states of awareness not just with yourself, but with your meditation and practice. This book will change your life!”
~Hathor Reccow

“Fabulous Spiritual Journey!
This is a fascinating tale of a personal spiritual journey with an enlightened American Buddhist meditation teacher known as Rama. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the courageous and exciting adventures of a young woman on the path to spiritual awakening. I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking a pathway to spiritual evolvement. It is truly both powerful and filled with light.”
~Ros Reynolds

Worlds of Power Worlds of Light inspired me to take my spiritual/meditative practice to a deeper level.”
~M. Hosking

“The magical and fantastical journey told in this courageously honest account has inspired and intrigued me, such that my belief in what is possible has greatly expanded and my outlook on life has been forever altered for the better.”
~J. Aboud

“Thought-provoking & inspiring!!!!
Fans of books like “Surfing the Himalayas”, “Snowboarding to Nirvana” by Frederick Lenz and “Powerful Mental Development” by Roger Cantu will definitely enjoy this book. It was interesting to get a female’s perspective on taking the first steps on the Pathway to Liberation. Very insightful getting the inside track on what it’s like being a student of an advanced spiritual teacher.”
~ Ernest George, Jr

“Everyone has a story, but does it entail an Enlightened teacher? Worlds of Power, Worlds of Light opens you up to that dimensional plane. It shares personal accounts of the energy, magic, and occult power of an unseen world that exists beyond our illusion of reality. If anyone feels drawn to mysticism, Buddhism, and self-development then this is a Must Read!”
~Hui Tai

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