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Jan 05 2018

Money and Vibration

Money is a form of energy. How we spend our energy – our capacity for physical and mental activity, our time, and our money – reveals where we focus our attention. There is not a right or wrong way to utilize our energy, but how we spend our energy affects how fast or slow we …

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Oct 24 2017

Joshua Tree Joint Venture

With great excitement, I learned one of my spiritual brothers accepted my invitation to join us at our Joshua Tree Retreat with some of his students. Excitement shifted to curiosity, and then I realized I had no idea of what to expect, so I dropped all ideation and settled into the unknowing of what was …

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Sep 19 2017

Oregon Adventures – Anxiety and the Unknown

The day before we were scheduled to leave, a wave of intense anxiety washed through me. It was more intense than anything I had ever felt. Typically before travel, I get bouts of nervous excitement and thoughts filled with worries about what I am I forgetting to pack? This was completely different. I have friends …

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Jun 23 2017

Souring the Sweet

You’re at the beach, laughing with friends as you enjoy a picnic lunch. The waves are lapping the shore, the sun is shining and random clouds pass by at just the right moment to keep you from overheating. It’s a fun, happy, perfect moment. During a natural lull in the conversation, one of your friends …

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Jun 09 2017

Impermanence of Spiritual Names and Book Rankings

First of all THANK YOU for making Peace with Pain a Bestseller! It was fun to see the bestseller label on Amazon for two days. It was fun to watch Worlds of Power, Worlds of Light hit number one in its category of mysticism. It’s also been fun watching the rankings fall. Such is the …

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Apr 14 2017

Spiritual Assignments

When a spiritual teacher accepts a student, a karmic bond is created. The teacher agrees to share their awareness, and the student agrees to complete the assignments given by the teacher. The assignments are designed to help students incorporate the new levels of awareness they are learning about into their lives. This process is facilitated …

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Feb 02 2017


O, to be a pratyeka-buddha Dissolved in private nirvana At peace as an eternal student of the Buddha But I know this Enlightenment is not mine. I see the endless game of samsara How could I ignore the cries of those who suffer from delusion? Jumping in with both feet, This tantrika sings the hymns …

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Jan 03 2017

New Year’s Tantric Dance

Hot and cold. Tired and Awake. Weak and Strong. Past, present, future and the Eternal Moment. This is the reconciliation of opposites. I am a rainbow of infinite awareness stretching out in and as all the worlds. I am the mind focusing on and experiencing God and soul. I am you. I am me. I …

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Dec 09 2016

20 Second Meditation Technique

When I visited my family over Thanksgiving, my 12-year old niece wanted to learn how to meditate. The morning before our little class, she was having a rough day. Although she was feeling grumpy, she still was excited to learn. I shared with her this very simple 3 breath meditation technique. Her face lit up …

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Nov 09 2016

Peace Within

Abandon ill-will and hate Abandon envy and greed Abandon anger and sorrow Abandon ignorance and delusion Abandon all these like a sinking ship For that’s what they are Bloated with self-importance They will drag you down to the depths of suffering. Cultivate Gratitude and Loving-Kindness Be neither attracted nor repulsed And rest in equanimity Develop …

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