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Aug 04 2015

Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Jul 24 2015

Morning Smile

Every night my body turns and turns and turns, hunting for a comfortable position. Exhaustion finally takes over, and I drift off to sleep… for about twenty minutes. Then the turning begins again. At dawn, the sunlight wakes me from my half-asleep, somewhat restful state. And I smile. It’s not every morning that I want …

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Jun 16 2015

30 Second Change

During an NHL hockey game, the average ice time for a player per shift is 30 seconds. When a player hits the ice, he gives all of his strength and his full focus, because in 30 seconds, multiple goals can be scored and games can be won or lost. Then he sits for a few …

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Jun 04 2015

Interview about Peace with Pain

It’s uploaded! My first book interview… enjoy!

May 05 2015

Two Techniques for Silence

My elbow has not quite healed, so instead of writing, I’ve taken a clip from my class on Saturday and turned it into a short video for you. (In case you’re wondering, apparently I have tennis elbow, even though I don’t play tennis. Well, occasionally, I’ll play Wii tennis, but I haven’t in quite a …

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Apr 03 2015

Why Meditate?

Things rarely go the way we plan. Last week the weather forecast called for a calm, wind-free day. So a friend of mine and I went to beautiful Coronado beach to make a short video called “Why Meditate” for you. Once we started filming, the wind kicked up. Although the background is gorgeous, all you …

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Mar 05 2015

Neti, Neti (not this, not this)

Even after 20 years of teaching meditation and mindfulness, I still sometimes forget most feelings do not originate within me. At this stage, I feel everything, but what I am most aware of is a deep stillness and peace. When ripples appear on the surface, it’s prudent to investigate. Sometimes these ripples warn us of …

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Mar 04 2015


Feb 20 2015

3 Exercises for Humility

Humility is seeing oneself clearly… without humility, growth stops. It is only when you can see your current self as it truly is that you can take the appropriate action to move forward. Without humility, you tend to run face first into a lot of brick walls. If you’re tired of banging your head, or …

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Dec 18 2014

Learning from Actions

Ultimately we always do what we think we want to do. This is a good thing, as it keeps us honest. We can always look at our actions to discover what we think is important. It’s so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life, in all of the things we think …

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