Freedom of Choicelessness


I was raised in America,
Believing Freedom meant the power to choose.
Today I saw the bondage
Inherent in the constant choosing.

This or That
Up or Down
Good or Bad
Happy or Sad
The Ego always choosing its preferences,
Thinking one choice is better than another.

With every choice, another layer of self is created,
Each with layers of identity:
The one who made the choice, and
The one who lives with the consequences of the choice.

One choice endlessly leading to another choice,
Creating layer upon layer of self
Is choosing not to choose a choice?

Simply being
Allowing life to unfold
According to Eternity’s design.

Pulled by the brightest Light, wherever it may lead, and
Letting go of the constant need to choose
Takes away the game from the ego.
Realizing fully the light inherent everywhere
Realizing there really is no choice
There is only the play of light.

Relinquishing the illusion of control provided by choice,
Power uses us to reveal the direction
And we use power to follow through.
In the end the only reality is eternal Light,
Shining, whether or not we choose to see.


~jenna sundell


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Wax and Wick


Wax and wick
Smoke and flame
Swirl within the glass
Nearing the end
The work is complete

Blue and white-gold
Dancing; flashes of orange-red
From seen to unseen to seen
So goes the flow
of Light and power

Love is the One Power
Love is the Law
Appearances fade
like wax burned away
Only the Divine remains


~jenna sundell  7/10/13



I am nobody
Although sometimes because of the
things Eternity does through me,
People think I am Somebody.

Being Somebody is hard.
All the ideas, concepts, and expectations
pushed upon me from outside, and
if I believe for even a second that
I am Somebody,
Those ideas, concepts, and expectations
lock me inside a tiny box.

Inside this box, it’s hard to move,
And even worse, it’s hard to hear
the sweet sound of Eternity.

Fortunately, deep down, I know
I am nobody.

Being nobody, I am free.
Free to dance and play in Light.
Free to follow Eternity wherever
She may lead through
Infinite Awareness.

I am nobody, now here … or is it no where?


Gazing Through Your Window


Gazing through your window, I watch you move
Swift and precise as I walk alone
On a dark street.  I want to reach up
To touch you, assure myself of solidity
But we are worlds apart and where I live
Nothing is solid and nothing is certain
Except the light that always breaks
Through the darkest shadows.

In the center of each cell
I feel the energy, the light
of Enlightenment
(Rama revealed to me)
Such ecstacy, such bliss
Within my being.  Soft, clear, pristine
It is everything.

My focus often strays to that
which is without,
And I feel the torrent
of sorrow and pain like lashes
From a leather whip.
Turning inward,
the bliss returns–
All that I see is shining, glowing
with light.

Wavering between two states
I become confused,
And wish to escape from myself,
All the while knowing
Freedom is at hand,
If I have the courage to pay the price.


~jenna   9/1995

Haiku for George

for me, one death (even of a fish) always brings remembrances of other deaths. Last night as I contemplated death and loss, a haiku came to me:
George, blue fish swimming
Here once, now gone, love remains
Joy having known you






We swam to the heart
of the Goddess, Mother of All
In the Cathedral
of Love bathed in golden twilight
We watched the world melt


We walked along arteries and veins
Red Giants towering above
Powder soft sand of the Garden
We dissolved in the Landscape and
Found stillness in the movement of wind


Ravens guided our journey
Into mysteries of Renewal
Old perceptions fell away
like flowers done blooming
We sat sheltered from the sun by Her arm
As a view through Skyline
Infused us with quiet power

Beneath the midnight sky
Washed with the full moon’s light
She welcomed us in the temple of her Eye
Where we sat as pupil
Looking through ten thousand dimensions of Light

Turret became a door into another world
Hidden by a vertical lake – perfectly still
Mirror-like it shone silver reflecting back
This unreal dream

As the sun reached its zenith
We climbed stair and hill and rock
Pulling ourselves up by our fingers
We emerged from Her womb

(We in Her and She in us)


~jenna sundell

Song of Sweet Nirvana



I have arrived,

Yet I never left.

    ~ or is it ~

IT has arrived,

Yet IT never left.


I or IT or THAT ~ all the same

There is no coming or going

Endless … Beginingless


The last vestiges of the ego fall away,

naturally, effortlessly

Only a shadow of self remains;

Just enough to interact in the world

And shine upon the Path.


Sunlight streaming through trees

Wind blowing over the seas

I have arrived,

Yet I never left.


~jenna sundell 9/16/2010

Spring Equinox 2012

A million diamonds sparkled the sky
Steady air streams pushed us into the wash
We sat, on solid earth next to creaking brush
And unseen things creeping by, curious
     of our little group of pilgrims

We sat, some eyes open, others closed
The gale intensified, holding our backs up straight
Desert power peeled away layers of the world
Sand swirling round and
Suddenly dropping to the cold, yielding ground

We sat, absorbed in silence; we chose to hold
The wind did its work, polishing rough edges
Dissolving ego and rock and tree
Peace permeated every cell and
Spread like Spring’s sweet scent
With a smile, we rose
Meditation cushions packed away
We marched into the howling tempest
And watched stars disappear into cloud-covered night

We sat, in morning light, the mountain ridge filled with white
Sun and rain fell from the sky
Nature’s prism splitting colors, stretching from snow to desert floor –
A final gift for all who came to see more

                                                      ~jenna sundell 3/24/2012