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Jul 16 2014

Wax and Wick

  Wax and wick Smoke and flame Swirl within the glass Nearing the end The work is complete Blue and white-gold Dancing; flashes of orange-red From seen to unseen to seen So goes the flow of Light and power Love is the One Power Love is the Law Appearances fade like wax burned away Only …

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Jan 14 2014


  I am nobody Although sometimes because of the things Eternity does through me, People think I am Somebody. Being Somebody is hard. All the ideas, concepts, and expectations pushed upon me from outside, and if I believe for even a second that I am Somebody, Those ideas, concepts, and expectations lock me inside a …

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Oct 11 2013

Patterns of Light

  Watching the world is like looking through a kaleidoscope: Beautiful, intricate patterns of Light with every turn of the wheel. … I surrender And realize I am those patterns, ever spinning.

Aug 14 2013

Gazing Through Your Window

  Gazing through your window, I watch you move Swift and precise as I walk alone On a dark street.  I want to reach up To touch you, assure myself of solidity But we are worlds apart and where I live Nothing is solid and nothing is certain Except the light that always breaks Through …

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Jul 30 2013

Haiku for George

for me, one death (even of a fish) always brings remembrances of other deaths. Last night as I contemplated death and loss, a haiku came to me: George, blue fish swimming Here once, now gone, love remains Joy having known you ~jenna  

Jul 19 2013


Like stars, we shinefor anyone who wants to look. Progress – our own or that of others – is none of our business. Our job is simply to Shine.

Jun 04 2013


  We swam to the heart of the Goddess, Mother of All In the Cathedral of Love bathed in golden twilight We watched the world melt   We walked along arteries and veins Red Giants towering above Powder soft sand of the Garden We dissolved in the Landscape and Found stillness in the movement of …

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Apr 05 2013

Song of Sweet Nirvana

    I have arrived, Yet I never left.     ~ or is it ~ IT has arrived, Yet IT never left.   I or IT or THAT ~ all the same There is no coming or going Endless … Beginingless   The last vestiges of the ego fall away, naturally, effortlessly Only a shadow …

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Mar 24 2012

Spring Equinox 2012

A million diamonds sparkled the sky Steady air streams pushed us into the wash We sat, on solid earth next to creaking brush And unseen things creeping by, curious      of our little group of pilgrims We sat, some eyes open, others closed The gale intensified, holding our backs up straight Desert power peeled away …

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Aug 27 2011

Reaching for Enlightenment (a poem for Rama)

I wrote this for Rama, and after his death in 1998, I posted it on where students were finding each other. Lynne found my poem and then me, and we discovered we were neighbors. We quickly became friends, and from that friendship, Dharma Center was born.   The ethereal being In the ocean of your …

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