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Oct 24 2017

Joshua Tree Joint Venture

With great excitement, I learned one of my spiritual brothers accepted my invitation to join us at our Joshua Tree Retreat with some of his students. Excitement shifted to curiosity, and then I realized I had no idea of what to expect, so I dropped all ideation and settled into the unknowing of what was …

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Apr 14 2017

Spiritual Assignments

When a spiritual teacher accepts a student, a karmic bond is created. The teacher agrees to share their awareness, and the student agrees to complete the assignments given by the teacher. The assignments are designed to help students incorporate the new levels of awareness they are learning about into their lives. This process is facilitated …

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Mar 02 2017

Closer Than We Think

We are One There is no Time There is no Space Those we miss are Closer than we think Last night I dreamed I was sharing flyers about Dharma Center. I rode a bicycle that would turn into a motorcycle whenever I needed some extra power. (I love how dreams instantly give you what you …

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Sep 19 2016

Meeting the Master – An Excerpt from Worlds of Power, Worlds of Light

On Friday night, I discovered the Mark Hopkins is one of San Francisco’s most glorious hotels. It sits on top of Nob Hill, rising above the city lights like a castle. The 19th century architecture, with the intricate carvings on the archways, appeared like an entrance to a fairy tale land. The grand doorway towered …

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Apr 15 2015

Iridescent Sand

Whether I am sitting on boulders overlooking the valley, on a cliff above the badlands, or in a sandy wash, I love the desert. There is a certain type of power in the desert that cuts through the clutter of the mind and dissolves everything. Perhaps it is the harsh environment, where the sun can …

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Sep 03 2014

12 Tips for Running a Collaborative Meditation Hall

  Running a meditation hall is one certain way to tune up your practice. If you don’t rely on your practice each and every day, it will surely drive you nuts. I’ve been running Dharma Center as a labor of love for nearly 16 years. There’s no way I could do it alone. Not only …

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Apr 16 2014

Grand Canyon 2014

  Twenty years ago, meditation was an occult activity. It was something done only in private, away from the public. Even going out to the forest to meditate brought with it a feeling of self-consciousness, of concern for being seen. We would hide behind trees and sunglasses, sometimes going so far as to put a …

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Mar 05 2014

Transmission of Light

  I grew up with an interest in spirituality, but without a mentor to help me wade through the piles of literature I could never make much sense of it. I groped through all of books I could find, looking for a way to make spirituality a part of my life. The church on Sunday, and …

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Sep 20 2013

Stardust Bird

  A bird made of stardust stretches across the heavens, bridging the gap between all the worlds. Upon noticing the suffering radiating from a small blue planet called Earth, the bird gazed upon the world. The Rama shook and shimmering feathers fell to the surface. Feathers of a million different colors and sizes floated down, …

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