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Mar 02 2017

Closer Than We Think

We are One There is no Time There is no Space Those we miss are Closer than we think Last night I dreamed I was sharing flyers about Dharma Center. I rode a bicycle that would turn into a motorcycle whenever I needed some extra power. (I love how dreams instantly give you what you …

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Sep 07 2016

White Crane

A few nights ago, I woke from a dream, which played out before me like a movie: A white crane fluttered around a city street. Nearby, deeply concerned people were looking for the crane. The bird had once been human, and the people desperately wanted to break the spell before the crane forgot about life …

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Oct 20 2015

Rise and Fall

The colony sprang to life almost overnight from just a few survivors. The structures they built swelled as the tribe expanded. Just as their new world matured, a flood of salt water broke down their outer walls. They fought valiantly to maintain their position, but had to take refuge in the natural caves. The next …

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Jul 31 2011

Tattoo Parlor of Enlightenment

Melinda strolled into the tiny tattoo parlor tucked in between the Chinese restaurant and the pawnshop. She twirled one of her blond pigtails around her index finger, checking out the pictures plastered over every inch of wall space. She stopped in front of a block of Chinese dragons. “Howdy there little lady, my name is …

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