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Apr 26 2016

No Minimum Wage?

For my entire adult life, there has been an adversarial game played between employers and employees. The employees try to get paid the most for the least amount of work, while the employers try to pay the least for the most amount of work. In this situation, employers and employees are unhappy, less care goes …

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May 29 2015

Petco Why Are You Trying to Poison My Cat?

My sweet boy cat has an allergy that makes him itch, and we’re pretty sure it’s corn. Each time I buy treats, I scan the label to make sure there’s no corn or corn-meal in there. Two weeks ago, I was rushing and saw a package of treats labeled “Limited Ingredient Recipe” and scanned it without …

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Jul 02 2014

Discrimination Waiting to Happen (When Businesses Practice Religion)

Once again I am baffled by the Supreme Court’s ruling when it comes to the National Health Care law. They have ruled that a Christian-owned business does not have to provide insurance coverage for birth control pills. This decision is about much more than birth control. The company owners argue that it is a violation …

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Feb 13 2014

Tax Political Contributions

  This morning I heard something on the news about raising the federal debt ceiling. Not being well-versed in political matters, I’m guessing that means our federal government has raised its credit limit so it can borrow more money. I’ve done this on my own credit card when I’ve needed to make a purchase with …

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Oct 22 2013

One Issue. One Bill. One Vote

I’m generally not a very politically minded person. I’m much more interested in meditation and spiritual practice. However, when our government goes completely haywire, then it’s time for people to step forward with ideas to make it better. At all levels of government, a way to keep it simple is to adopt a one issue …

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