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Long ago, we monks would wander from village to village. We would sleep in the forest and each morning visit the nearest village. We would knock on your door and offer a teaching in exchange for food. Some people would give food and send us on our way. Others would slam the door on us. A few would invite us in and hear the Dharma.

Like all things, this has changed. In this life, I don’t walk from village to village. Instead I offer teachings from this website, Dharma Center’s meditation hall, and in conference rooms. Yet here I am, knocking on your door…

Perhaps I am a foolish idealist – I believe people will freely support my work because they recognize the value it brings to their lives. However, I am also a realist and know I must ask for your support and make it easy for you to provide it.

Here are some payment options to help me continue my work as a meditation teacher and author. Thank you for your generous support!

  • Share this website and tell people about my books. Word of mouth advertising, in person or via social media is the best and can have a huge impact!
  • I’ve joined the cryptocurrency world and can accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or USD via Coinbase address:
  • You may also support my work with a credit card by using the PayPal button below. For your security, you will be redirected to the secure PayPal website after you click the PayPal button below. (A PayPal account is not required.) The amount of your gift can also be adjusted by changing the Quantity on the PayPal screen. Select the Payment Option first, then click the Pay Now button.

Payment Options

  • You can set up a recurring payment through your on-line banking, or checks can be sent to:

Jenna Sundell
10174 Austin Drive #1161
Spring Valley, CA 91979-1161

  • Purchase my books and review them on Amazon.
  • Purchase one or more of my MP3 Dharma Talks.
  • If you buy things on Amazon, go there through my Shop page. Even if you don’t buy the item from my page, Amazon will send me a tiny percentage based on whatever you buy during that session, for getting you to their website. You don’t need to buy the items listed on my page for this work; you just need to go to Amazon from here.

If there’s a specific question or topic you would like me to address on my blog, please feel free to email or write a letter to me.


Because of your support, I’ve released my new book, Peace with Pain and the Kindle version is also now available. Your gift today will help me with these current projects:

  1. Continually updating my blog to share the teachings of meditation and mindfulness.
  2. Promote both Worlds of Power, Worlds of Light and Peace with Pain. Now that the books are available, I need to let the world know. If enough money is raised, I would love to do a book-signing tour and offer meditation classes throughout the country.
  3. Edit and distribute the Dharma talks I have been recording at my weekly meditation classes. This is a long term project, as I have hundreds of recordings to process before they can be distributed. Check out my MP3 page to see the ones I have available now.
  4. Write more books. I have two books in progress. Be sure to join the mailing list to stay informed of my progress.

With your help, I can continue to share the Dharma.

Thank You for your support!!!