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Sep 02 2016

Four Buddhist Truths Learned from Chronic Pain

1. Everything is Transient During my last pain flare, for over a week I lived with the feeling of two nails shoved in my eyes, causing an intense headache. It would be easy to say the pain was constant since it bothered me enough to interrupt my activity several times a day. However, if I …

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Jul 08 2016

Mammograms, Ropes, and Snakes

When your entire body hurts all the time, and the breast soreness becomes intense with each hormonal cycle, it’s natural to avoid things that increase pain. So I put off my mammogram for what I thought was 2 years, but turned out to be 3. The day after the test, I happened to have a …

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May 06 2016

Dealing with Other People – Excerpt from Peace with Pain

****To make more of my teachings available, I plan to distribute recordings of my classes via BuddhaLessons.com. Please take this 8 question survey to help me design the site. THANK YOU!!! **** Dealing with Other People – Excerpt from Peace with Pain A friend of mine often recommends my book, Peace with Pain: Your Guide to …

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Jan 29 2016

Sitting in Judgement

It’s easy to sit in judgement of things we know nothing about. I loved my work as a computer consultant designing software, coding, testing, and training the end users. I also made a ton of money and was able to pay off all my student loans and credit card debt. I even bought a vehicle …

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Jul 24 2015

Morning Smile

Every night my body turns and turns and turns, hunting for a comfortable position. Exhaustion finally takes over, and I drift off to sleep… for about twenty minutes. Then the turning begins again. At dawn, the sunlight wakes me from my half-asleep, somewhat restful state. And I smile. It’s not every morning that I want …

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