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Sep 03 2015

Why You Should Pay Spiritual Teachers Well

At some point, I don’t know where or when, I picked up the idea that spiritual teachers should teach for free, that if a spiritual teacher charged money, then it was no longer spiritual. Like I said, I don’t know where this idea came from, but it seems to be a prevalent one in this …

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Aug 18 2015

Improve Your Brain in 2 Weeks

The benefits of meditation are best discovered through personal experience. When done correctly, meditation brings clarity, joy, and peace. Through consistent practice, the mind becomes stronger and we are able to handle the constant changes life brings with greater ease and grace. The studies have shown these positive effects can be experienced in just two …

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Jul 24 2015

Morning Smile

Every night my body turns and turns and turns, hunting for a comfortable position. Exhaustion finally takes over, and I drift off to sleep… for about twenty minutes. Then the turning begins again. At dawn, the sunlight wakes me from my half-asleep, somewhat restful state. And I smile. It’s not every morning that I want …

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Jun 02 2015

Date with a Giant

When we planned the retreat to Lake Tahoe, a few of us decided to drive there from Southern California. As plans came together, I kept getting a quiet yet persistent nudge that I needed to make a stop along the way. I examined a map and felt the call clearly: I needed to see a …

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Jun 01 2015

The Energy Body: 3-part Series

During my classes at Dharma Center, I often get many questions that ultimately relate to the Energy Body, also known at the subtle-physical body. This part of us is contained by our most powerful sense-organ, the mind. Join me this month to learn all about your 6th sense and more!

May 20 2015

Retreat and Return

As practitioners who live and work in the world, it is important for us to take time to retreat. This month a small group of eight made the journey to Lake Tahoe where we shared a retreat house. As the excitement from the day of travel through freezing rain and snow dissipated, we settled into …

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May 05 2015

Two Techniques for Silence

My elbow has not quite healed, so instead of writing, I’ve taken a clip from my class on Saturday and turned it into a short video for you. (In case you’re wondering, apparently I have tennis elbow, even though I don’t play tennis. Well, occasionally, I’ll play Wii tennis, but I haven’t in quite a …

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Apr 15 2015

Iridescent Sand

Whether I am sitting on boulders overlooking the valley, on a cliff above the badlands, or in a sandy wash, I love the desert. There is a certain type of power in the desert that cuts through the clutter of the mind and dissolves everything. Perhaps it is the harsh environment, where the sun can …

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Apr 03 2015

Why Meditate?

Things rarely go the way we plan. Last week the weather forecast called for a calm, wind-free day. So a friend of mine and I went to beautiful Coronado beach to make a short video called “Why Meditate” for you. Once we started filming, the wind kicked up. Although the background is gorgeous, all you …

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Mar 13 2015


When you approach meditation, You think the Light is dissolving you. In meditation, you discover You are the Light dissolving a make-believe you.  

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