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Mar 23 2017

Desert Super Bloom of Love

The desert always has more to teach. In the past, I came to the desert seeking power. This time I asked to learn about Love. The desert greeted me and my students with the sweet scent of wild flowers perfuming the warm air. Birds cooed and chirped while bees buzzed and kissed every open bloom. …

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Apr 20 2016

The Hidden Trap of Mind States

While two people may be in the same circumstances, each one will experience those circumstances differently. This is because our experience of life is determined by the state of our mind. We cannot always change the events we face in life; however we can always change the mind state from which we view these events. …

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Mar 04 2016

Dissolving Attachments

Attachments are dissolved by becoming aware of the suffering they cause. We are naturally inclined to want to feel good, so when we know something causes pain, we stop doing it. However, we must actually know and be fully aware of the painful consequences of an attachment; an intellectual understanding is not enough. Once we …

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Feb 17 2016

3 Reasons to Retreat

Many people in our society work themselves to the breaking point, and then they seek an escape from their stressful lives. This escape is usually in the form of a vacation. However, they often spend most of their getaway feeling just as stressed as when they were working. The only benefit seems to be the …

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Jan 29 2016

Sitting in Judgement

It’s easy to sit in judgement of things we know nothing about. I loved my work as a computer consultant designing software, coding, testing, and training the end users. I also made a ton of money and was able to pay off all my student loans and credit card debt. I even bought a vehicle …

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Jan 07 2016

3 Short Poems

Rain Storm Rain dowses the earth The ground is unsettled Quakes, floods, mudslides Disrupt the routine of human life Mother is clearing away the stale energy Wind tears through blockages Leaving us and the trees bare   Loss A friend fell over in the mud He was long dead but stood like a sculpture Branches …

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Nov 20 2015

Buddhist Work

Buddhists do not work to earn a living. Work, and all action, is a means to refine consciousness, smooth the rough edges of the ego, and loosen the root of suffering: attachment to identity. Of course we need to support our bodies while we live in the world, but simply fulfilling material needs and desires …

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Nov 05 2015

Masks We Wear

Sometimes it’s fun to don a mask and explore what it’s like to be a particular person or creature. On Halloween, I had a great time as a fairy behind a feather mask and shiny wings that glistened in the sunlight. Although it was early in the day and not many others were in costume, …

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Sep 03 2015

Why You Should Pay Spiritual Teachers Well

At some point, I don’t know where or when, I picked up the idea that spiritual teachers should teach for free, that if a spiritual teacher charged money, then it was no longer spiritual. Like I said, I don’t know where this idea came from, but it seems to be a prevalent one in this …

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Aug 18 2015

Improve Your Brain in 2 Weeks

The benefits of meditation are best discovered through personal experience. When done correctly, meditation brings clarity, joy, and peace. Through consistent practice, the mind becomes stronger and we are able to handle the constant changes life brings with greater ease and grace. The studies have shown these positive effects can be experienced in just two …

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