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Jan 03 2017

New Year’s Tantric Dance

Hot and cold. Tired and Awake. Weak and Strong. Past, present, future and the Eternal Moment. This is the reconciliation of opposites. I am a rainbow of infinite awareness stretching out in and as all the worlds. I am the mind focusing on and experiencing God and soul. I am you. I am me. I …

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Jun 29 2016

What Are You?

Wind, Earth, Water of the rivers and sea Fire of the sun and stars All contained within Me. Spirit animating Life yearning to be free The stillness of Death All contained within Me. Infinite space, Nothingness, Limitless Consciousness Emptiness is key The perfection beyond feeling and perception All contained within Me. Awareness reaching into darkest …

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Jan 07 2016

3 Short Poems

Rain Storm Rain dowses the earth The ground is unsettled Quakes, floods, mudslides Disrupt the routine of human life Mother is clearing away the stale energy Wind tears through blockages Leaving us and the trees bare   Loss A friend fell over in the mud He was long dead but stood like a sculpture Branches …

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Mar 25 2015

Desert Flowers 3/8/2015

Color erupts on the desert floor Yellow, purple, white framed by green The winter rain washed it all clean Fragrance from delicate blossoms Paints the air – sweet Strangers meet behind camera eyes Capturing a moment of Spring’s glory   On the march, fuzzy coats Supported by tiny feet Hungry mouths moving to their own …

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