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May 06 2016

Dealing with Other People – Excerpt from Peace with Pain

****To make more of my teachings available, I plan to distribute recordings of my classes via BuddhaLessons.com. Please take this 8 question survey to help me design the site. THANK YOU!!! **** Dealing with Other People – Excerpt from Peace with Pain A friend of mine often recommends my book, Peace with Pain: Your Guide to …

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Aug 18 2015

Improve Your Brain in 2 Weeks

The benefits of meditation are best discovered through personal experience. When done correctly, meditation brings clarity, joy, and peace. Through consistent practice, the mind becomes stronger and we are able to handle the constant changes life brings with greater ease and grace. The studies have shown these positive effects can be experienced in just two …

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Jun 16 2015

30 Second Change

During an NHL hockey game, the average ice time for a player per shift is 30 seconds. When a player hits the ice, he gives all of his strength and his full focus, because in 30 seconds, multiple goals can be scored and games can be won or lost. Then he sits for a few …

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Apr 03 2015

Why Meditate?

Things rarely go the way we plan. Last week the weather forecast called for a calm, wind-free day. So a friend of mine and I went to beautiful Coronado beach to make a short video called “Why Meditate” for you. Once we started filming, the wind kicked up. Although the background is gorgeous, all you …

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