Talks on MP3

I’ve been recording my meditation classes at Dharma Center and other locations for several years. Some of these talks are now available, and will soon be hosted on a new website,

Please help me create a beautiful website where these talks can be streamed and downloaded! To make this happen, I will need to hire someone and pay for the software platform. You can make this dream a reality by visiting my Support Page, or through Dharma Center’s 2017 Fundraiser, where you’ll find some cool thank you gifts and a free sample talk.

The music clips during the meditation section of the talks is generously provided by friend Milo Matthews. You can find more of his music at and on CDBaby.

I have a few talks available, but the website for purchasing them has not be set up yet. If you are interested in purchasing any the talks listed below, please email me for details on how to purchase one or more recordings.

Relaxation for Rest  $1

Sometimes it’s difficult to fall asleep, but the body needs rest. On this MP3, I walk you through my personal relaxation technique. Approximately 10 minutes long. Enjoy!

You Can Overcome Stress $10

This 45-minute class was recorded at the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Middleboro, MA on 12/28/2013. Here’s a short sample of the recording:

SAMPLE You Can Overcome Stress

Thank you for your support!