Workplace Meditation

How much is employee stress costing your organization?

A study conducted by the American Psychological Associated found 74% of respondents reported that work is their top stressor. Nearly all of them said they experienced stress-related symptoms including fatigue, headaches, digestion problems, irritability, anxiety and a lack of energy. Forbes magazine reports that “workplace stress contributes to at least 120,000 deaths each year.”

Workplace Meditation courses developed by Jenna Sundell are designed for progressive companies that understand the well-being of their employees directly impacts the bottom line. Jenna Sundell teaches powerful methods to reduce stress and increase productivity and efficiency. Through her workshops, employees will learn how to manage their energy, peacefully resolve workplace conflicts, create work and home life balance, and strengthen their minds so they bring only the best to their work.

Half Day Workshops

  • Meditation and Mindfulness at Work

  • Overcoming Stress in the Workplace

  • Balancing Work & Home Responsibilities

  • Power, Profit and Success

  • Custom design a workshop for your team

Jenna Sundell began teaching meditation as a Buddhist monk in 1994. Skilled in a variety of techniques, she is able to work with diverse groups and share methods beneficial for employees at all levels. She co-founded Dharma Center in 1998, where she offers classes in Practical American Buddhism. In addition to her blog, she is also the author of Peace with Pain: Your Guide to Life in a Malfunctioning Body and Worlds of Power, Worlds of Light. All across the country, Jenna has provided thousands of students the tools necessary to build happy, productive and successful lives.

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2 thoughts on “Workplace Meditation

  1. Leatha Medina

    I was very excited to find someone who understood and knew what Mindfulness at Work was about. When Jenna came out to talk to a group of employees, it was relaxing and a great moment when I can see the relaxed look on thier faces. Even better when the employees did not jump out of thier seats to head back to work as soon as it hit the hour mark. Jenna has a wonderful way of teaching and would invite her back every month if I could!

    • Jenna Sundell

      Thank you Leatha!

      It was a joy to teach at Union Bank. You have a wonderful program that really supports employees so they can do a great job for your customers. I hope more large corporations follow your lead!


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